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I used White Rose Bakery out of Oregon to do my wedding cake. We tried the samples at her home( where she does these cakes) and they were pretty decent.

However, the cake at the wedding was HORRIBLE! We had a dessert and wine themed wedding, with the focul point supposidly to be these great cake. We had so many pieces left, and whole pieces laying around on the tables after the reception. We spoke to some of our guests later, and they said it was the worst cake they had eaten.

Very flavorless, and bad. I emailed the owner, but she was so defensive that she has never had any other complaints, and asked why didn't I save her a piece. Well, sorry but I was too busy getting married, and on a honeymoon. I wasn't thinking about saving a piece of cake for 3 weeks just to show you how crappy it was.

I ended the communications with her because I was getting no where.

Please, if you are looking for a cake, don't go here. She isn't too difficult to work with, and look's wise, it was BEAUTIFUL, but it tastes like ***.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Country Homes, Washington, United States #634839

She has done my wedding, baby showers and my sons birthdays. She was completely amazing and I always got compliments on the cakes.

Most beautiful canoes I've seen and very yummy. I've had great experiences with her


I'm really surprised you guys both had problems with her. She made my cake at my wedding and was impeccably good and was gorgeous.

We were surprised we had so many guests who asked who made it. Guess I'm just luckier than you both.

Strathalbyn, South Australia, Australia #28898


DO NOT GO TO WHITE ROSE BAKERY! We have a similar story. Please do not promote "White Rose Bakery" in Canby. We had the saddest encounter with them on Aug 16. A wedding was scheduled for 6pm and the cake arrived at 5pm totally unacceptable! $450, plus $25 for delivery! White Chocolate Seashells that were supposed to adorn the sides had all fallen off in the heat, placed on waxed paper and the groom was told to put them in the freezer and put them on before serving. Two of the layers were completely the wrong flavor than what was ordered, EVEN AFTER A TASTE TEST! A sandy beach (graham cracker crumbs) that were to surround the cake consisted of a ziploc sandwich bag with 1 1/4 inches of crumbs, again for the groom to assemble. You're probably wondering what the $450 even was for, and we're still asking ourselves the same.

Totally embarassing! Ms. Debra Watkins was notified, and wanted to know if any of the cake was eaten!

Her "contract" required that $225 be put down on the cake at the time of ordering and then she apparently was strapped with her business and wanted the balance in 2 weeks, way before the scheduled delivery.

We requested a full refund, but still feel the need to warn the public. We took pictures of the cake (only for recourse) and refused to let the photographer take photos of them cutting such a disaster! There was even a gap in the middle of the 4 layers. FOR WHAT???

Ms. Watkins requested the teal color to match up ribbon, and subsubtuted the color "she couldn't find" with baby blue ribbon wrapped around nothing but fondant. White Rose Bakery is an absolute joke. It's a woman with an oven who thinks she ought to get paid for a glorified cake mix. STAY AWAY.

Save your $450 and buy a cake mix with better results. If I, the mother of the bride, had seen this joke when it was delivered, she would have walked away wearin' it.

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